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THAE began its journey in 2020, in China, at the height of the Covid pandemic, with a proposal to offer digital solutions for businesses between Brazil and China that were facing commercial difficulties during border closures.

Officialized in 2021, the company emerged as a WFOE (Whole Foreign Owned Enterprise), based in Shanghai, and with the mission of promoting the entry of foreign companies (mainly Brazilian) into China and Chinese companies into Brazil. Thae operates through a bold approach, with strong support and expertise in digital platforms for promoting and generating business. From the beginning, it has had the support of a team of designers, translators, specialists and freelancers, fluent in Portuguese,

English and Mandarin.

Among its first and main activities, the company structured and executed, in partnership with CCPIT (China Council for the Promotion of International Trade), two editions of the CIFFA fair (China Import Fair of Food and Agro-products) at the height of the pandemic. , with online insertion and around 150 remote B2B meetings. Participated renowned Brazilian companies such as BRF and Tirolez attended the fair, as well as many food and beverage companies, at different stages of internationalization, including those that were beginning to understand and adapt their products for the Chinese market.

Thae also carried out filming, auditing, inspections and numerous support and training videos for companies that were unable to travel internationally due to border closures. These videos were initially shot in partnership with SoulTV, and later also published on YouTube channel e-FeitoNaChina, YouTube ( and Instagram (@efeitonachina), with the aim of stimulating the exchange of business knowledge, free of charge, in addition to generating tailor-made videos for the client, as well as online and in-person studies and training.

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Given the success of its work, THAE continued to be active with post-Covid normalization. CIFFA, for example, continues to be present in the company's action calendar, which has had its portfolio of services and activities expanded, starting to offer other consultancy work, legal advice, sourcing, registrations and certificates in China and Brazil, work visas , market studies, among others.


In 2022, THAE opened a second office, in São Paulo, with the name THAE BRASIL CONSULTORIA E COMÉRCIO, also operating in the import and export segment, in addition to international business advisory and consultancy services.


The company develops several actions in consumer goods segments, including food products, hospital products, cosmetics and cleaning items, which are some of the segments with great business potential for import and export, in addition, of course, to the technology sector, and trade in services.

It also works on projects with great economic impact, including the infrastructure sector, representing in Brazil the company CCLPEC, a port equipment company, with its own patents for loading arms, quick release hooks, trucks systems and accessories, and several other Chinese companies in the petrochemical sector, as our objective is to present our customers with different partner options, so that they can evaluate and choose the best cost-benefit for their projects.


CEO Thais Moretz has extensive experience in the private sector, in imports and exports between Brazil and China, and professional experience in the government, totaling more than 20 years of experience in foreign trade. It also provides tailored training for executives, classes at business schools, and monitoring for businesspeople and students who want to work in China or improve their business culture.

A CEO Thais Moretz tem larga experiência no setor privado, em importações e exportações entre o Brasil e a China, e passagem profissional pelo governo, somando mais de 20 anos de experiência em comércio exterior. Também dá treinamentos sob medida para executivos, aulas em escolas de negócios, e monitoria para empresários e estudantes que queiram trabalhar na China ou se aperfeiçoar na cultura empresarial.

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