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Check some moments when we were featured in the newspapers:

Adapting Brazilian Products to the Chinese Market

Check out Thais Moretz's participation in the live broadcast of the Center for Global Studies and China PUC-Minas.


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How to optimize and manage contracts with China

Article by Thais Moretz, Thae Consulting, for China Hoje magazine.


China is moving a mile a minute again

Article by Thais Moretz for Folha de São Paulo.


Training for agriculture in China

CNA trains companies in the Landing Program in China - Agricultural News.


Interview for the My News channel

Diplomatic friction does not interfere with business”, says a Brazilian businesswoman in China.


Coverage of the Brazilian film festival in China

第二届葡语电影展映会... - @巴西驻上海总领馆的微博 - 微博


Recommendation of the e-FeitoNaChina channel by FOLHA/UOL

Fear of economic damage in China puts pressure on 'zero Covid' policy.


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Thae Consulting in Chinese Enterprise Database

泰懿思(上海)商务咨询有限公司 - 爱企查


Interview for Boss Lady, Cave Your Path

Spotlight: Thais Moretz.




Also discover some of the content we generate for e-FeitoNaChina, on YouTube. 

Brazilian Acai in China

Find out how a Brazilian açaí company is making history in China, with high investments in imports, production, distribution and branding, in addition to many studies and research. The company is already producing açaí juice in China and opening stores in Beijing to popularize açaí among Chinese consumers.

Business opportunities for cachaça, gin and tequila in China

Get to know the story of Helena and David, a couple of entrepreneurs who manufacture artisanal gin in the interior of China and are already profiting from this activity. Their gin can be found on virtually every digital channel in China, bars and restaurants. In addition to having their own brand, they also import and distribute other alcoholic beverages, such as cachaça and tequila.

Buddhist Art and Painting

Artist Yelan paints, plays and sings. She has a gallery in the M50 art district and wants to exhibit her paintings in Brazil. Get to know a little more about his work, his inspirations and desires.

Business Opportunities in the Jewelry Industry in China

Get to know the work of Fernanda, Brazilian, microentrepreneur in Shanghai. She designs and produces earrings, necklaces and bracelets. She bets on sales to the expatriate community, foreign bazaars and local events. Gradually, it has also been conquering the Chinese.

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